4 Habits That Affect Your Productivity At Work

Have you found yourself distracted in fulfilling the daily tasks of your office? Is a tag of incompetence blemishing the hard work of your several years? Does meeting deadlines seem impossible to you recently? Is it because of an unhealthy work environment or your personal unhealthy habits that affect your productivity in accomplishing the tasks? So what is it that you require to get things done in the most effective and competent way and what are the reasons that induce the incompetence in the first place? We are here highlighting 5 destructive habits that kill your productivity in work and life altogether. But first, let’s understand the ills that are engraved in our daily routine to such an extent that they barely seem a problem. 

The problem will have its solution when you will realize and understand the problem in the first place. If your digital screen time of several hours does not seem a problem for you, you will never find ways to reduce it anyway, same goes with gossiping or smoking cigarettes or dehydration that appear relatively insignificant but have a significant impact on our productivity. Let’s have a look at these habits, if controlled, can positivity strike your capabilities and productivity at work. 

Going Bad Over Planning 

Burning the midnight oil is not just enough to be productive, rather doing the otherwise. The 

21st Century technology has evolved the notion of hard work with smart work. With the efficient machinery, tools, and techniques, all you have to do is to plan your days, weeks, months, and years before getting going. Keep your goals clear. Make or arrange a clear pathway, strategize how to execute your mission while keeping all the hurdles and difficulties in mind, and achieve your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. Those who fail to strategize their work and goals ahead of time or on time, keep wandering without reaching anywhere.

Stress Management

Everybody experiences bad days at work but successful people are always the one who stays on track and never loses focus. Yes, our bosses can be problematic and dingy but that would only add to an already anxious mind and would affect your productivity. There are many ways that can help your manage your stress such as yoga, meditation, exercising, drinking more water, walking on grass, etc., and that can all be done during break hours but it’s more important to design your brain in a way to let go of worry and without wasting time, get back to business. People usually lit up a cigarette and or drink caffeine to handle stress but that does more harm than good in dealing with the strain.


The idea of multitasking sounds perfect as you can get two or more than two tasks done at one time. But unfortunately, our brains are not designed to handle and execute multiple tasks at one time. Recent researches have also backed the notion that multitasking can affect your productivity at work by 40%. To increase your productivity and to complete your to do list, you can apply a 20 minutes rule to it. For example, rather constantly switching between tasks or multitasking, give your undivided attention to one subject in hand for 20 minutes and then start the other, and you will see your end results better than ever.

Unhealthy Food And Wellness

It is usually deemed that external factors like time management, stress management, or an unfit working environment affect the productivity at work.  As much as it is true, the internal factors are equally responsible to sabotage our productivity such as unhealthy diet. A recent research has observed that employees who skip breakfast are 66% more prone to the lack of productivity, work inefficiency and focus issues as compared to the ones who start their day with a proper meal. So making small and healthy changes in your daily meal intake can rear great benefits in terms of your productivity and physical and mental health. Such as having homemade healthy meals instead of fast food, and taking healthy snacks throughout the day increases your productivity for sure.

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