4 High Paying Jobs For Creatives

Naturally artistic people often feel that they have to either let go of their creativity or settle on a lesser salary because there aren’t enough high paying jobs that will let you go wild. The truth is any job can be creative as long as you keep building new stuff, working on new ideas and so on.

We all are familiar with copywriting and graphic design but there are several other fields that give you a creative outlet. From data analysis to marketing to management roles anything and everything can become creative. If you are an individual who is good at communication through any medium and can solve problems in a unique way. This article is for you. Here are five high paying jobs that will get your creative juices flowing:

1. Ux Designer

If you have a knack for making the experience of people around you great then this might be the role for you. UX stands for User Experiencer. These people are fundamentally hired to make the user experience full of engagement, user friendly and memorable. Be it restaurants, offices or general social media platforms or websites. The best part about this job is user experience will mean different things for different businesses which will give you a lot of room to be creative as the designer. No two projects will be the same. One core requirement of being a successful UX designer is eye for detail and aesthetics. This job involves a lot of prototyping and making wireframes. Regardless, one other quality needed is the ability to be okay with failure and also fail faster and fail better every time. 

2. Training Manager

A training manager is responsible for figuring out what skills soft or hard the employees need and then teaching it to them. People with outgoing and communicative personalities often are a great fit for these roles. This role involves continuing education and traveling too. Traveling to different locations to make sure the employees in every branch are equally trained. Part of the job is to think on your feet and know the basics of every job so that you can teach the skills you want to teach better. Organizations typically hire people with a communications or related degree for this role or a degree in the business the company is involved in. Training needs analysis, program designs, reports on effectiveness of the training etc are some parts of the job.

3. Social Media Director

A social Media Director comes up with strategies of communicating anything and everything that the brand wants to reach its customers through social media platforms. Your day to day will involve managing a team, reporting on success and failures of strategies and overseeing content channels. This role requires a range of creative and analytical skills. Such as strong aesthetic sense, photo and video editing sense and sometimes on camera skills too. Social media directors have to have the skill of presenting data as easily as making friends. If you understand how algorithms work and have thousands of aesthetic pictures waiting to be shared with the world. You might be perfect for this job. To become a director, start off as a marketing intern or a social media coordinator. 

4. Product Designer

Product design is used in designing toys, to your daily appliances, apps and softwares etc. In short, they work on improving everything design wise that we use in our daily lives. A person with good drawing skills and interested in making physical products is a good fit for this role. One of the vital things that a product designer needs apart from the two mentioned above is communication and coordination. You will be required to work with teams of salespeople, engineers and marketers as well. UX and product designer are interchangeably used in the tech world but the main difference between these two jobs is that, UX is concerned with making a product user friendly while a product designer is concerned with turning your idea into a live size product that people will buy.

These were just a glimpse of what the job market can and does offer creatives. Especially the ones that are multipotentialite. Creativity might be inherent in some jobs but others can be converted into creativity. This totally depends upon your love and passion for the work you do, after all creativity is defined as learning to solve problems in an outside the box way.. Let us know what conventional jobs you do that you have converted into your creative outlets in the comments below.

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