Celebrate these stories of Failure

The world seems to be obsessed with stories of success and nobody pays any heed to the failure stories. Even though they are the ones that truly help you connect, learn and sometimes laugh if you are willing to to tell them at an open mic event. Letting yourself fail and then celebrating and learning from it, of course after your due wallowing time is a feeling of true liberation. Here are stories of resilience to help you get back up and try again:

  1. Milton Hershey

We all love us a hersheys bar don’t we? To your surprise hersheys is also a product of 3 failed candy companies. We all know Milton Hershey, the guy behind the chocolate but before starting hershey he was a nobody. Being fired from his apprenticeship at a printers, he immediately started 3 candy companies to watch all of them fail.  The last attempt he made after learning from all his failures he founded the Lancaster Caramel Company and thus Hershey was born. He realized his dream of providing milk chocolate for masses.

  1. Arianna Huffington

It’s almost impossible to believe that the most recognizable names in the online publication industry were rejected by 3 dozen publishers when she was struggling. The great thing about Arianna’s story is that even though she launched huffington post but it wasn’t an overnight success, there were dozens of negative reviews about the quality and potential of her work but she incorporated the received feedback and now her name is cemented on the internet forever.

  1. Stephen King

As a child who was tormented by nightmares and poverty, Stephen king could have easily been stuck in his druggie phase. Drugs were his coping mechanism for dealing with rejection from multiple publishers which later on manifested itself as violence towards his own children. He often says “ We make up horrors to help us cope with the real ones”. In order to cope with his demons he directed his energies towards writing and this is how the master author we know today was born.

  1.  Charles Schultz’s

The famous artist’s work was rejected by his high school yearbook but didn’t give up and later went on to create peanuts featuring all time favorite Snoopy and Charlie Brown. The cartoon and the licensing and product revenue eventually went up to 1 billion dollars and as for the high school they also put a snoopy statue in their main office .

  1. Colonel Harland Sanders

Oftentimes when we talk about success or failure the biggest concern people share apart from fear of failure is their time has passed or they are not young enough. Retired at the age of 65 with a recipe and social security check, driven out of competition by an interstate highway restaurant colonel sanders should have given up but even at that age his spirits were that of a child he continued to sell his special chicken and was rejected 1000 times before he found a partner to being KFC with.

At times it might feel like it’s the end of the world and you can’t do it anymore, you don’t have the energy to push forward but then think about this, what’s the alternative ? if you want to take a break do that by all means but don’t stop. I will leave you with one of my favourite quotes by the famous hollywood actor Charlie Day on a college commencement address ” Be willing to fail, let yourself fail, fail in the way in the place where you would want to fail, fail better, fail again but don’t let fear stop because it’s going to make you great”. If you can incorporate this into your life, you are well on your way to success.

An Insight Into Shaping The Future of Work

The world has taken a sharp turn in the time of crisis and in no time it has learned and come up with new resources and technology to keep the work going. Now, the businesses prefer to stay remote but connected during and after the official timings. The enthusiasts have come up with efficient ways to stay connected through digital means and have introduced significant shifts as the new trends in shaping the future of work. A swift transformation from physical offices to digital and tech-savvy presents you the future of work. Let’s have a look at how this transformation is beneficial for our businesses in the long run and is it really capable to elude the physical settings of jobs and businesses in the longer run.

The Future of Work is Digital

Today the businesses are working to convert the mindset of their workforce from physical offices to digital communication. And employees are also tasteful about this new change in their job execution. It is observed that the performance evaluation of employees increased by 23% with the new trends of performing the tasks. The flexible timings, the favorable work setting, the remote work opportunity, and the thriving work environment have induced their performances and also encouraged the work expectations of business owners. So it’s a win-win for both employers and the employees as the former can achieve their targets while reducing the cost of office settings and utility and other operating expenses.

Adhering towards Collaborative Technology 

Whether it’s Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Slack, or Google Drive, the world is adhering towards collaborative Technology for a frictionless and streamlined communication as it is being assumed that the old method of working has not been much effective. The intelligent machines and algorithms will act as co-workers to humans. And there is no doubt that these newly introduced machines work at a much-accelerated pace, at any time, in any corner of the world and any remote setting. This change has taken over the world and it is not short-lived. It seems to stay in your changing working dimensions for good. 

Changing Perspectives and Dimensions in the Work-Force 

The future of work relies on resilience and adaptability in the face of uncertainty. It requires business leaders to refocus their culture and work strategies to gain ground and to serve their consumers. This requires them to invest in technology and hire the youth, especially the millennials, who share the vision and mission of their Company and are more adaptable to change and more prone to technology. Creating an effective and flexible work environment for employees would help employers to retain the talent for longer and accomplish their targets.

An Era of Artificial Intelligence 

The future of work is about the collaboration between Humans and Artificial intelligence. It is observed that around 60% of the professions worldwide, one-third of their tasks are based on artificial intelligence. Whether it’s reasoning and decision making, information and data processing, administration, interacting, and communicating or executing any technical task, artificial intelligence collaborates from 19% to 47% in different stages. A few years back, it was assumed that robots would take over the world. although it is not true the way artificial intelligence is paving its way in making human life easy. It seems rather imminent. 

Bringing Out the Best of Us

The new shifts in our working environment have introduced us to our utmost potential. The latest trends have seemed to upscale our workforce and working environment and give us a deep insight into paving the future of work, and how it impacts the general functioning of businesses in the world. The market leaders adopted the new change and it proved to be a successful move in the time of crises. 

Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before My First Interview

Life is not easy and with developing community and rivalry, individuals often feel trapped in a disarray about which is the correct profession for them. Frequently, we are confused between the sort of profession line we would adore, the sort of career line that has the scope and the most self-evident, the profession line which would pay the most (who wouldn’t need a gigantic check all things considered?) Aspirants are regularly seen confused between the three. An ideal career would be the one which would give an individual delight, cash and use of ability.

When the actual day arrives, you have no idea what is going to happen or what you should do as it is your first time going for an interview. Here are the things I wish someone told me before my first interview and I hope this post will help you all too.

First Impression Matters

Regardless of what anyone tells you, It’s a reality that first impressions count, so when the questioner approaches you, make sure you seem to be friendly, proficient and polite. Stand up, smile, visually connect and extend your hand for a handshake. Make proper acquaintance and present yourself, expressing that it’s a delight to meet them, and express gratitude toward them for setting aside the effort to see you today.   These little details will help you in getting what you want.

They Will Judge Your Nature

Here’s the important thing. As we draw nearer to corporate life, we are adapted by the general public and our own discernment (on occasion), to endeavor to add on our aptitudes, to make our CVs additionally engaging and to be the competitor the recruiter is searching for. All the while, we overlook what our identity is, we overlook what are our genuine qualities and shortcomings, and not the ones we recorded to present in a meeting. Our actual characters blur after some time and we don’t understand that we are only a blend of the apparent multitude of characters the web told are the most employable. Discovering one’s actual personality isn’t as simple as it appears. When I went for my first job interview, the interviewer asked me about my weaknesses and what I like to do most of the time? And I did not know how to give a good answer. So make sure you know what to answer.

Know About Your Personality And Career

These appear to be excessively straight forward principles, purposely or unwittingly, every selection representative realizes which profession anchors he/she is searching for in a competitor. Sadly, they likewise realize which career anchors in individuals are straight no. At times recruiters may call it instinct or confused attitude. In the event that one fine morning, one attempts to discover what his/her profession anchors are, the result would be enormous. We worry about the perceptions people have about us without knowing who we are. Recruiters will ask you questions about your personality and how it is related to the career you want to have. To answer that, do a little research. Get to know yourself through your eyes and what you want to achieve. Once you will find the answers, you are going to ace that interview.

Confidence Matters

Frequently individuals struggle with confidence. The dread of not being sufficient terrorizes them. However, there are issues on the opposite side of this range also. Frequently confused, confidence and privilege are not the equivalent. Usually, numerous understudies will in general haze the line between the two. When individuals arrive at a sure space in their brain, they quickly change to feeling entitled. Confidence is a positive quality, qualification isn’t. Interviewer will first see your confidence rather than your grades or qualifications. Show them a positive attitude and they will get impressed. It is very vital while giving an interview.

Research Some Information About The Company

Put some effort to explore the organization online, so you know about how they work. There is a great amount of organization’s data accessible on the web. You may have gotten some information about the association, so look at the “About Us” and “Careers” segment of the organization site in case you’re meeting with a manager. For other bosses, go through their site to get an idea of what the organization is about. Additionally, check web-based media pages to learn the organization’s present core interest.

In conclusion, success in the interview depends on how well you plan and how confident you are.

How to become a digital nomad and give vent to your desire to travel

If you have opened this article then it probably fascinates you to know how to become a digital nomad, and perhaps you are wondering if it is possible or feasible. After all, how many people you know do this job?

In fact, becoming a digital nomad is much less complicated than you think, and in this article I will give you some tips on how to get started.

Who is this article for?
If you too, like me, are a person to whom the idea of ​​spending your whole life in an office is tight, then this is the right article for you.

If you want to spend your life working and having the opportunity to travel at the same time, know that you are not a madman.

(And you wouldn’t even be the first.) Those w ho decide to undertake this lifestyle can be called a digital nomad.The bare essentials he needs to work are: a laptop, internet connection and some specific skills.

There are many people who, in Italy, manage to maintain this lifestyle and work while traveling.

The Nomadi Digitali website reports data relating to remote workers in 2019, 44% travel while working for a period of time that varies from one week to one month during the year.

25% of respondents, however, use this mix of travel / work for periods of time longer than one month per year. Minimum recommended requirements How to become a digital nomad is a question that many ask themselves.

But what are the minimum requirements needed to get started?

As you can guess, you cannot think that a person can give up their job overnight and start this career immediately. It is therefore advisable to start on the right foot, inquire and deepen what could be called “minimum requirements”.

5 tips to start a business while continuing to do your daily work

1. Be clear and clear about the reasons why you want to create your business Connecting with your ” why ” is the most important thing to do, so it should be done first.

You can be motivated by the fact that you will be your own boss, by financial independence, by leisure, by creativity, by staying at home with your children or by helping others.

Whatever the reason, knowing your motives and what drives you to act will keep you focused on your dream when you have difficult moments.

2. Engage your whole self in your dream
Having the desire to do something and striving to make it happen are two completely different things.

When you put your best effort into making your dream come true, you are creating a binding obligation to see it come true.

All this means that you are doing an “all in”, that you are investing everything in your idea and not abandoning it, regardless of what will happen: take this commitment and then tell it to the people you know.

3. Create a personal vision for your business and leverage online tools
Think about what you would like for your business from here to a year and write it being very specific and detailed. If you have or plan to have employees, make sure to take advantage of awesome software available today. You can virtually do everything necessary to run a business remotely such as utilizing cloud accounting tools to software that can even be leverage as an employee handbook generator. Whatever you need, you can likely find a solution in the digital world.

Related reading:
How to become a fantastic speaker: 9 tips for a bombproof performance Read what you wrote aloud every morning and every evening, focusing completely on the final result: your vibrant and thriving business.

By focusing on the result, you will be able, day after day, to make choices, ignoring any negative thoughts that may come up.

4. Join a group of masterminds
A group of masterminds, or brains, is made up of multiple mentors who meet regularly and support each other, collect ideas, share advice and work together to overcome challenges.

This could be an excellent choice to help you stay focused and motivated.

There are groups that meet in person, online or by phone: to find one, Meetup is a great place to start.

If you can’t find one suitable for you, then create one yourself, inviting other people who, like you, want to create their own business.

5. Dive into knowledge
Study and conduct research on everything you believe is relevant to your new business: the internet, for example, provides you with a range of valuable information on how to build a successful business.

Take some courses, hire a coach or find a mentor, listen to podcasts or audiobooks when you go to work in the morning.

The more you learn and be able to become an expert in your sector, the more you will acquire security and motivation, so as to increase your chances of success.