Celebrate these stories of Failure

The world seems to be obsessed with stories of success and nobody pays any heed to the failure stories. Even though they are the ones that truly help you connect, learn and sometimes laugh if you are willing to to tell them at an open mic event. Letting yourself fail and then celebrating and learning from it, of course after your due wallowing time is a feeling of true liberation. Here are stories of resilience to help you get back up and try again:

  1. Milton Hershey

We all love us a hersheys bar don’t we? To your surprise hersheys is also a product of 3 failed candy companies. We all know Milton Hershey, the guy behind the chocolate but before starting hershey he was a nobody. Being fired from his apprenticeship at a printers, he immediately started 3 candy companies to watch all of them fail.  The last attempt he made after learning from all his failures he founded the Lancaster Caramel Company and thus Hershey was born. He realized his dream of providing milk chocolate for masses.

  1. Arianna Huffington

It’s almost impossible to believe that the most recognizable names in the online publication industry were rejected by 3 dozen publishers when she was struggling. The great thing about Arianna’s story is that even though she launched huffington post but it wasn’t an overnight success, there were dozens of negative reviews about the quality and potential of her work but she incorporated the received feedback and now her name is cemented on the internet forever.

  1. Stephen King

As a child who was tormented by nightmares and poverty, Stephen king could have easily been stuck in his druggie phase. Drugs were his coping mechanism for dealing with rejection from multiple publishers which later on manifested itself as violence towards his own children. He often says “ We make up horrors to help us cope with the real ones”. In order to cope with his demons he directed his energies towards writing and this is how the master author we know today was born.

  1.  Charles Schultz’s

The famous artist’s work was rejected by his high school yearbook but didn’t give up and later went on to create peanuts featuring all time favorite Snoopy and Charlie Brown. The cartoon and the licensing and product revenue eventually went up to 1 billion dollars and as for the high school they also put a snoopy statue in their main office .

  1. Colonel Harland Sanders

Oftentimes when we talk about success or failure the biggest concern people share apart from fear of failure is their time has passed or they are not young enough. Retired at the age of 65 with a recipe and social security check, driven out of competition by an interstate highway restaurant colonel sanders should have given up but even at that age his spirits were that of a child he continued to sell his special chicken and was rejected 1000 times before he found a partner to being KFC with.

At times it might feel like it’s the end of the world and you can’t do it anymore, you don’t have the energy to push forward but then think about this, what’s the alternative ? if you want to take a break do that by all means but don’t stop. I will leave you with one of my favourite quotes by the famous hollywood actor Charlie Day on a college commencement address ” Be willing to fail, let yourself fail, fail in the way in the place where you would want to fail, fail better, fail again but don’t let fear stop because it’s going to make you great”. If you can incorporate this into your life, you are well on your way to success.

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